What Our Customers Are Saying

"I took a few homemade demos to Rose Studios. One of them was a kind of New Age, fingerpicking piece called Mother Maui. She picked up her flute and played a solo, never having heard the song before. It brought tears to my eyes and joy to my soul. I knew right then that I was in the right place, and that magic could happen.  Her contributions as an artist added immeasurably to my project.  With her connection to other local musicians, we were able to bring in some amazing instrumentalists to enhance my songs, not the least of whom is her partner and musical collaborator, Michael Johnson who played drums and/or percussion on every track.   

Deenie hears all the nuances of the music, and suggests ways to optimize the potential of every song she records. She is open to working collaboratively, never pushy or overbearing, and always respectful of other artists." 

Billy Bortin, Singer/Songwriter

"Love the vibe of the studio and surrounding property! This recording you did of "Made To Be" is by far the most incredible recognition of my playing that anyone has ever done! I thank you and I want to give you a big hug!"

Patti Maxine, Singer / Lap Steel 

"Nestled in the redwoods and surrounded by beautiful gardens, Rose Studios is the ideal setting for playing and recording music. Deenie is a joy to work with—she’s relaxed and professional, easy to work with and a great listener. I couldn’t be happier with the demo I recorded there."

Mark Creech, Singer/Guitarist

“It’s great to have a local recording studio that produces quality sound, and the extra benefit of a musician as engineer like Deenie Rose. Deenie gives her expertise as a musician and singer to help create a recording that builds upon what singers, songwriters and musicians are creating and helps enhance their vision.” 

Joe Ortiz, songwriter

"I had a wonderful experience at Rose Studios. Very comfortable, professional ambiance. Great equipment with attentive, personalized service. My music never sounded better! Deenie, a professional musician herself, helped produce the tunes and gave me expert advice throughout the recording sessions. Much appreciated and highly recommended."

Bobby Markowitz, Flamenco Guitarist

"Deenie Rose is an amazing artist, recording engineer, vocal coach and producer. Working with her to help me realize my dream has been the high point of my work as a songwriter over these many years, and I will be forever grateful and appreciative. My songs are quite eclectic - folk, blues, country,  pop, but she was able to master all twenty-one originals in such a way that the levels are balanced, and the highs and lows are not lost by over-compressing. I couldn’t have done it without her."

Billy Bortin, Singer/Songwriter


Regarding Billy Bortin’s CD’s:

“I listened to both CDs right away, and to say the least, I am blown away.

The studio mix is awesome, as is your voice and lyrics.  The band accompaniments are a work of music genius.  Amazing how it all came together in the studio.”

Bill Heistein