Welcome to Rose Studios

Boutique Recording Studio in the Redwoods

About Us



Originally from Pennsylvania, Deenie Rose developed an extensive performance background. She backed up Bo Diddley, performed at the White House, plus in England, Australia and along the East Coast. She moved west in 1990, performing in clubs, restaurants, wineries and for special events in the Bay Area. 

She has written and co-written music for CD ROM Games, Trade Show Exhibitors, websites and other musical needs. Having always had an affinity for technology, her interest in making great music took her to getting certified in Audio Engineering.

- Certified in Recording Engineering in 2012  at Indigital Studios, Santa Cruz, CA

- Multi-instrumental Musician and Songwriter

- Producer / Co-producer / Arranger /  Recording Engineer

- Recording and Engineering on Multiple Platforms since the '80's.

Studio Gear


  • Latest Version of Pro Tools loaded on 27" iMac, 64 GB RAM
  • Focusrite Interfaces, Thunderbolt 3
  • Premium plugin options including Universal Audio, Izotope Production and Mastering Suite, Waves, Slate, Fabfilter, Melodyne, etc.
  • Mic brands such as sE Electronics, AKG, Rode, Audio Technica, Shure, and more
  • 18 channel simultaneous recording capability
  • 5 separate headphone mixes.
  • In-house drums, mic'd and ready for recording
  • Drums include such brands as Zilgiian, DW, Craviotto, Paiste, Rogers, etc - or feel free to bring your own

Our Goal


Music is what we know, do, and love. Rose Studios is not just another studio, it is an experience. Artists need an inspiring setting that encourages their best performance when recording, and we provide that in our Redwoods retreat. 

We want to support you and your vision by giving you a relaxed, beautiful setting in which to create. 

Record as many takes as it needs to get into your zone, 

Enjoy your breaks on our deck surrounded by the beauty of this unique property set in the redwoods of California. It will entice excellence from within you!